Preventing Bird-Window Collisions

Houston Glass CompanyProtecting birds from colliding with glass doors and windows prevents injuries to these animals but also reduces the risk of damage to your home. Your Houston glass company can often provide guidance for a safer environment for birds living around your property. Here are a few tips to protect your glass from unwanted collisions with birds. 

Minimize Reflection

Your Houston commercial glass company can install frosted or patterned glass that will minimize the reflective properties of your windows and doors. These installations will generally prevent them from flying directly into the glass and injuring themselves. Shades and blinds can also reduce the reflectivity of Houston residential glass. This decreases the chance of collisions that could harm the birds or damage your windows or glass doors.

Avoid Putting Plants Near Windows

Indoor plants that are located near your windows or doors may be inviting targets for birds and other wildlife. Moving these plantings away from doors and windows will reduce the chance of unwanted collisions and damage. Alternatively, you can install planters outside your windows to provide an area for birds to land and seek shelter.

Install Screens

Screens over residential windows and doors are a great way to reduce the chance of birds flying into your glass. The mesh used for screens has a certain amount of elasticity and will provide a safer surface for birds who might otherwise slam into hard glass. Your Houston glass company can provide guidance on the right types of screens and installation strategies.

Apply Stickers and Tape

One of the least expensive ways to protect your glass is to apply stickers and tape to the outside of your doors and windows. This strategy is not usually practical for commercial enterprises. However, these applications are ideal for discouraging birds from flying into the windows and doors of your home. Choosing a pleasant pattern that coordinates well with your outdoor d├ęcor will preserve your curb appeal while providing added protection for birds.

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