Houston Residential Glass: Window Trim Trends

Modern Houston residential glass arched window with dark, chunky trim
Make your Houston residential glass the star of your home with modern window trim trends.

Your windows are some of the most important Houston residential glass in your home. They let in light and air and help any room look brighter, bigger, and cozier. Because they are so important for your home and interior design, it’s important to make your windows a priority. This includes choosing the right trim, also known as casings, to go around the window. In this article, we’ll discuss current trends for windows and window trim.

Houston Residential Glass Trends: Window Trim

Window trim is basically what frames your window. It consists of some type of trim pieces installed around the window. The type of window trim can have a huge impact on the look of your windows and home. Here are some current trends to consider for your home:

Chunky Window Casings

If you have skinny window trim, then you might want to consider an upgrade to chunky window casings. These larger trim pieces draw more attention to your window and make it more of a design statement. Thicker window casings may be ornate or simple based on the rest of your home décor.

High Contrast Window Trim

Another current trend for window casings is creating high contrast. For instance, using black or other dark colors as the window trim. This helps truly showcase your Houston residential glass and make the window pop visually. For this trend, paint your window casings a dark color and create contrast by painting your walls a lighter color. 

Trimless Windows for Houston Residential Glass

An additional trend we’ve noticed as a Houston glass company is trimless windows. This means that the window has no interior casing at all, just the window against the wall. This is an ultra-modern and minimalist option. With no trim there’s no interruption in the wall, making the window simply blend in. It also saves you money on the cost of trim. 

Natural Wood Window Casings

For a more rustic look, natural wood window trim is also popular. Keeping the natural wood grain in the trim is helpful for creating a unique, traditional look and is common for cottage and shabby chic interior décor aesthetics. These frame the window in an unobtrusive way and are perfect for many homes. 

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