Houston Residential Glass: Replacing Window vs. Glass

window after Houston residential glass replacement
In some cases, you may be able to replace just the Houston residential glass in your window instead of the window as a whole.

If you have a damaged window, you might think you’ll need a complete window replacement. That’s a common misconception. In fact, there are many times when you can replace just the Houston residential glass panes in your windows. In this article, we’ll discuss window replacement and how to tell when you need a new window installation, and when to replace just the window glass.

Do I Need to Replace the Window or Just the Pane?

When you have a damaged window, you typically have two options. You can replace the entire window, frame and all, or you can replace just the glass. Your Houston glass company can help with either service, but it’s important to know which one you need.

Window Replacement: The Entire Window

Replacing an entire window is often more expensive than replacing just the glass. This involves removing the old window and replacing it with a brand-new version. So, it’s important to know when you really need to replace the window instead of just the window glass

Generally, any time you have damage to the parts of the window that aren’t glass, you’ll need a window replacement. For example, if you see visible cracks or rotting in the window frame, then you’ll probably need a replacement window. 

Also, if you have drafts, poor sound proofing, or high energy bills, these can all be signs that you need new windows and not just the Houston residential glass. These issues can indicate either that the window is worn out and reaching the end of its expected life, or that the window is poor quality. In many cases, replacing the window for these issues can save you a lot in heating and cooling costs for your home, as new windows prevent cooled air from escaping and don’t let as much heat into your home. 

Window Replacement: Just the Window Glass

However, in other cases, you may just need new window glass instead of a whole new window. This is a much simpler service and typically costs significantly less. Therefore, it’s a budget-friendly way to fix many types of issues. 

Typically, any time you have an issue with the glass itself, then you might be able to just repair the window by replacing the glass. Some reasons to replace just the glass is if you have shattered, chipped, or cracked glass panes in your windows. However, keep in mind that you should look at the rest of the window to see if it’s in good condition. If it’s in bad shape and starting to wear out, then it’s often more economical in the long-term to replace the whole window instead of just the glass. If you need a quick fix until you can replace the whole window, then you might consider glass replacement first and then plan for a window replacement in the near future. 

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