Is Your Window Glass Tempered?

window with tempered Houston residential glass
You may need tempered Houston residential glass for your home’s windows.

Windows are an important part of any home. Many people wonder whether the Houston residential glass in windows is normal or tempered window glass. While most windows aren’t made of tempered glass, there are a few exceptions. Also, there may be many reasons to replace the normal glass in your home’s windows with tempered glass panels.

Houston Residential Glass for Windows: Tempered or Annealed?

One common question we receive is whether the glass in residential windows is tempered window glass. Generally speaking, most of the glass in your windows is not tempered. It is actually annealed, what you probably think of when you think of normal glass. Annealed glass breaks relatively easily and shatters into sharp pieces. By contrast, tempered glass is stronger and breaks into smaller, rounder pieces to reduce the risk of cuts. 

Tempered glass is different from annealed glass because of its manufacturing process. Tempered glass starts as annealed glass and is cut to size in that state. However, once all cuts are complete, then it is heat treated by heating it in a tempering oven and then quickly cooling the glass. This provides tempered glass with its strength and its ability to crumble into safer broken pieces.

Most Houston residential glass is annealed, especially that in windows. However, this isn’t always the case. Many homeowners actually choose to install tempered glass windows in their homes for security and safety. For instance, you might install tempered glass windows on the ground floor to make it harder for people to break into your home. They also make it safer in case a window does break because there’s less risk of cuts from the shards. 

When You Need Tempered Glass for Windows

Of course, tempered glass windows aren’t always optional. There are some situations where most building codes require you to have tempered glass panels in your windows. Our Houston glass company can help you determine when you need tempered glass in your windows. However, there are some basic rules to keep in mind. You may need tempered glass in your residential windows if:

  • The bottom of the window is less than 18 inches from the floor
  • The top of the window is less than 36 inches from the floor
  • Windows larger than 9 feet square
  • Windows within 36 inches of a walkway

In addition, glass doors, whether hinged or sliding, need to be made of tempered Houston residential glass. This is because of the potential for slamming the door when entering or exiting your home, which can cause normal glass to break and create safety hazards. 

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