Tips for Streak-Free Windows in Your Houston Home

Keeping the windows of your home clean and shiny can significantly enhance its curb appeal and can provide clear visibility for you and your family. Finding ways to clean your windows without streaks or smears can save you time and effort in accomplishing this household chore. Combining time-tested solutions with cutting-edge treatments can often provide outstanding results for windows and other glass surfaces throughout your home. Consulting with an experienced Houston residential glass company can also provide accurate guidance on achieving the cleanest windows and the most dazzling shine for your home inside and out. Here are four tips for streak-free cleaning for your windows.

Start with the Right Ingredients

While some people swear by basic vinegar and water solutions, a healthy amount of suds can provide added cleaning power for dirt and grime on the inside or outside of your window glass. Warm water and your favorite liquid dishwashing or laundry detergent can deliver heavy-duty cleaning power. For a spot-free finish, add a tablespoon or two of liquid Jet Dry to the mixture and to the water used for rinsing your windows. This can allow water to slide right off the surface of your glass to reduce streaks, spots and smears on your windows.

Take the Process in Steps

Dividing your windows into several areas and approaching each as a separate cleaning task can allow you to focus your full attention on these chores. Breaking the process into steps can also ensure the most thorough cleaning for your exterior and interior glass:

  1. Using a clean, dry cloth or duster, remove any spider webs, dust and debris from the surface of your windows.
  2. Soap up the window and scrub any ground-in dirt using a soft sponge or other non-scratch cleaning cloth.
  3. Soak any trouble spots with a vinegar-and-water solution or with the soapy water solution used during Step 2.
  4. Rinse windows with cool water and a little liquid Jet Dry to remove dirt, soap and residue from your windows.
  5. Using a squeegee on glass and a soft, fluffy towel on window frames and sills can protect your windows against damage while producing consistently attractive results.

By approaching your window cleaning project in a systematic way, you can ensure that your windows are clean and shiny to make the most positive impression on neighbors, guests and passersby.

Dry Your Windows Properly

Taking time to dry your windows after washing can extend the life of these critical components of your home. Removing water and cleaning solution can also protect your paint and reduce corrosion for metal and moving parts of your windows. Using a soft cloth or newspaper to wipe down glass, plastic and other parts of your window can reduce the likelihood of damage or deterioration due to trapped moisture in these areas.

Add the Final Polish

Polishing your glass can produce the brightest shine for Houston residential mirrors and can boost curb appeal by enhancing the beauty of your exterior windows. Dampened chamois can be used to produce a lint-free shine. Other polishing agents include newspapers, specialized glass-cleaning cloth products and coffee filters; these items can all be used to polish glass to a sparkling clean finish.

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