Tips for Cleaning Your Shower Door Tracks Effectively

Houston Residential GlassMaking sure your Houston residential glass looks its best and functions as expected can help you enjoy the most comfortable surroundings at home. However, keeping your shower clean can be a challenging task. Here are some helpful tips for cleaning your shower tracks to keep your bathroom sparkling clean and to ensure that this hardware works properly for many years to come. 

Use the Right Cleaning Solution 

Distilled white vinegar is the basis for most effective shower cleaning solutions. By applying white vinegar directly to the discolored or dirty parts of your shower tracks, you can often loosen the gunk and ensure the best results when cleaning these components of your shower. Be careful not to spill white vinegar on stone tiles or flooring. Vinegar can cause etching and other damage to these stone surfaces. 

Soaking the Dirt Away

Ground-in dirt can present added difficulties when cleaning the tracks of your shower doors. In these cases, applying cotton balls or paper towels soaked in distilled white vinegar to the affected areas and leaving them in place for 30 minutes or more can provide added cleaning power for this household task. 

Steam Cleaning Your Shower 

Handheld steam wands can also provide added help in achieving sparkling clean shower door tracks. By applying the heat and moisture directly to the areas that need extra attention, you can make cleaning your shower tracks much faster and easier while making sure you get the best results. 

Scrub Away Ground-In Grime

Old toothbrushes can provide the scrubbing power needed to dislodge dirt and to reach into crevices and around screws and corners. Cotton swabs can also be used for this purpose, especially when combined with soaking in vinegar to loosen dirt and debris that can collect in your shower tracks and hardware. For cleaning Houston residential glass, paper towels and microfiber cloth can provide a brilliant and streak-free surface. 

Repair Damage 

If you spot any damage to glass or hardware while cleaning your showers, contacting a Houston glass company right away can prevent injuries or other mishaps. By repairing any broken or cracked glass as quickly as possible, you can protect yourself and your family while maintaining the value of your home as effectively as possible. 

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