The Evolution of Glass Windows

Houston Residential GlassWindow glass has changed a great deal since its earliest use in ancient Greece and Egypt. Today, these fixtures can do far more than keep out the elements and allow visibility. Working with an established and trusted Houston glass company can ensure clear visibility and the most beautiful results for your home or business. Here are some of the most important steps in the evolution of glass windows.

Early Glass Windows

The first glass windowpanes appear to have consisted of numerous clear or translucent pebbles placed in a wooden frame. The Romans developed advanced methods of making glass that allowed peasants and nobility alike to enjoy the benefits of glass-paned windows. By around 200 A.D., clear glass panes were in use in much of Rome. This technology, however, was lost in the Dark Ages between 400 to 800 A.D. Windows during this period primarily consisted of wooden shutters that could be closed and opened as temperatures dictated.

The Rise of Stained Glass

While clear glass was not available during most of this period, artisans associated with the church perfected the art of coloring stained glass and fitting it into frames to create beautiful representations of religious scenes and landscapes. Many of these beautiful glassworks are still in place today and offer insights into the lives and the beliefs of those who lived during this time.

The Resurgence of Clear Glass

During the 14th century A.D., the art of creating flat panes of transparent glass was rediscovered by French glassmakers. The initial efforts of these artisans produced only small pieces of glass that had to be painstakingly placed into window frames and lattices to create a complete window. As glassblowing methods became more accurate, window panes became larger and less expensive, allowing even those with less than expansive financial resources to enjoy the benefits of these windows.

Modern Windows

Double and triple-glazed windows consist of multiple panes of glass that can reduce energy costs to a considerable degree. Low-E coatings can block infrared rays to prevent heat buildup inside your home. Argon and krypton gases have also been used to insulate between the panes of double-glazed windows and to reduce the transmission of heat and cold from the outside. Companies that install Houston residential glass can provide added information on the available options for you and your home or business.

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