Six Design Ideas to Incorporate Mirrors into your Houston Home Décor

Decorative mirrors have been used for centuries to add visual interest to walls and to provide added beauty in homes and public buildings. These versatile adornments can showcase flower arrangements or works of art and can even expand the apparent living space for smaller rooms. Working with a company that specializes in creating and repairing Houston residential mirrors can help you create the most stunning and beautiful looks for your home. Here are six décor tips to help you use these decorative items to best effect.

Choose What to Reflect

Positioning interior mirrors to catch a ray of light from a window or to set off a piece of artwork can create a cohesive look for your entire décor scheme. Maintaining an awareness of what will be reflected in your mirror from every angle of approach can help you achieve the greatest degree of control over your interior design efforts. This can allow you to produce the most beautiful results for every room of your Houston home.

Let the Light Shine In

Properly placed mirrors can reflect natural light from outside or ambient light produced by lamps to help your indoor décor shine. This can be especially important in rooms with few windows; mirrors can effectively double the light in these areas by redirecting and reflecting it to other parts of the room. If your interior design depends on a light and airy flow throughout all the rooms of your home, incorporating mirrors into smaller rooms and hallways is an excellent way to achieve this effect without embarking on a major remodeling project.

Add Impact with Groupings

Rather than focusing on just one mirror, adding a group of complementary mirrors can often create an appealing abstract design. The flexibility and easy incorporation of these practical artworks can make them an excellent choice for aspiring designers and can allow the creation of unique décor arrangements on a shoestring budget. Do not be afraid to mix different types of mirrors for an avant-garde look; for example, a combination of square and round mirrors can produce an intriguing geometric pattern on a problem wall. By putting your imagination to work, you can leave your own unique creative stamp on the interior design of your Houston home.

Restore Antique Charm

Companies that specialize in Houston residential glass fabrication and repair can often provide expert restoration services for older mirrors that may have lost much of their original beauty and shine. By entrusting these heirloom pieces to a professional glass repair and replacement firm, you can enjoy the most appealing results. Antique mirrors can serve as an elegant backdrop for living and dining areas and can even be used as an accent piece in the foyer or entryway to your home.

Know What Not to Do

Most designers recommend against excessive use of mirrors in kitchen areas. The added cleanup required for these accessories can make them more trouble than they are worth in terms of added eye appeal. Other don’ts include the following:

  • Feng shui experts recommend against the use of mirrors in the bedroom.
  • Mirrored ceilings should be avoided; they are outdated at best and may be considered tacky by guests to your home.
  • Do not delay in repairing small cracks and chips in your existing mirrors, as these small defects can often develop into serious damage that will likely cost much more to repair or replace.

Knowing what not to do can help you avoid novice mistakes when decorating with mirrors.

Consider Your Current Décor

Many different varieties and configurations of decorative mirrors are available commercially; additionally, your local Houston glass company can often create a mirror precisely suited to your preferences and needs. By selecting a style and frame that suits your current interior design scheme, you can enhance the overall look and feel of your home. Mirrors can be used to tie together the various rooms of your home or to provide a single focal point to wow guests to your Houston home.

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