Building a Glass Wine Room in Your Home

wine bottles in custom room made of Houston residential glass
Showcase your wine collection with Houston residential custom glass.

Are you a passionate wine connoisseur? Do you love the convenience of having many options of wine at your fingertips? If so, building a wine room is a great investment. 

One of the best options for your very own Houston wine cellar is definitely glass. There are a lot of materials that can be used to make your dreams of having a wine room come true, but a glass wine room is by far the best choice. We create custom residential glass for Houston homescontact our team for a quote today!

Advantages of Glass Walls for a Wine Room

Having a glass wine room enables you to have the ability to showcase your whole collection. It also allows you to keep this specific space in your home fairly light and radiates an open feeling, creating an aesthetically pleasing space.

The placement of your glass wine room is a critical component to consider before construction. Find an interior space that is away from any direct sunlight from windows or from heat sources. 

Unlimited Design and Dimension Options

Whether your collection is 1,500 or 5,500 bottles of wine, creating your dream wine room is worth it.  Each and every wine cellar is its own unique masterpiece. The dimensions of a wine cellar can range between 100 to 500 square feet in size depending on the magnitude of your collection and the square footage of your house. If you want a small pantry-sized room or a huge 360 degrees room with walls, you’re in luck because you can truly do it all with glass. 

Best Glass for Regulating Wine Temperature

When it comes to a glass wine room it is important to select the correct type of glass for your project. It is best to use laminated or tempered glass. Both of these choices are excellent for a glass wine cellar for many reasons. To begin, temperature control is a huge factor to be considered during the creation of your dream glass wine room. The room must be kept at 15°C and 20°C to ensure your wine will keep its freshness. You may even want to consider insulating the glass of your wine cellar with r-value insulation glass.

Custom Residential Glass for Your Houston Home

 We are experts in residential glass in Houston, and can work with you to create the custom wine room of your dreams! Contact us now to get started and bring your vision to life.