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Work with our Houston glass company to find windows that suit your safety and security needs, like bulletproof windows or safety glass.

If you need glass for high security applications, our Houston glass company is here to help. We offer a large variety of glass types, from safety glass to bulletproof laminated glass. While most commercial buildings opt for regular safety glass, specialized bullet-resistant glass may be a good option for your building, depending on your location and the type of business you do. 

What is bulletproof glass from my Houston glass company?

While many people call it bulletproof glass, a more accurate name for it is bullet-resistant glass. There is no type of glass that will stop all bullets indefinitely. However, there are different types of glass that can provide different levels of protection. For example, some types of glass can stop a large number of projectiles while others help stop a few to give you time to get to safety. Those extra seconds can be precious during an emergency situation.

Bulletproof glass from your Houston glass company is laminated. This means that it’s made up of several different layers. These layers include glass, but also adhesives, safety films, and hard plastics like acrylic or polycarbonate. The layers in bulletproof glass help absorb the energy from bullets and other projectiles to help stop them from piercing through the glass. 

Bullet-resistant glass is generally thicker than the glass you’ll find on your windows at home, but still offers a clear view that lets light in and allows you to see through it. Therefore, if you choose bulletproof glass for your building, it still offers great aesthetic value in addition to extra security.

Who should install bulletproof Houston commercial glass?

So, what types of buildings should opt for bulletproof commercial glass? A lot of this comes down to your preferences. Safety glass, which helps resist manual attacks, are often enough to deter burglaries for most retail spaces. Therefore, it may be better for your location to opt for normal safety glass. 

However, high security areas, or places that are particularly vulnerable to attack may benefit from having bulletproof glass. 

Some buildings that may want bulletproof glass include:

  • 24 hour convenience stores
  • Hotels
  • Jewelry stores
  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Stadiums
  • Schools
  • Police stations
  • Pharmacies

While bullet-resistant Houston commercial glass is less common than safety glass, it can offer additional protection for buildings particularly vulnerable to attack. It can help offer extra time for everyone inside your building to get to safety and may help deter would-be attackers.

Expert Help from Our Glass Technicians

If you’re interested in bullet-resistant glass or need any other type of glass, our professionals at Northwest Glass & Mirror are here to help you find options to suit your needs and budget. We’ve been serving the Houston area since 1978 and can help you with the glass you need for your business and home. Whether you need a new storefront or are looking for new Houston residential mirrors for your bathroom, choose our specialists. Call us today at (281) 463-7801 to get started!