Protecting Beautiful Wood Tables with a Glass Tabletop

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Your Houston glass company can help you protect your wooden tabletops from damage.

Wooden tables are a gorgeous addition to your home, but they are also prone to damage. Your Houston glass company can fabricate a custom piece of glass to cover your wooden table. This can protect it from wear and tear. You don’t need to cover your beautiful table with a tablecloth or deal with unattractive damages. A glass tabletop is a great investment that can keep your table in good condition.

Your Houston Glass Company Can Help Protect Your Wood Table for Years to Come

Unfortunately, wooden tables are easy to scratch, warp, dent, and otherwise damage. Daily activities can cause wear and tear to your wooden tabletop which can be difficult and expensive to repair. For example, oftentimes you will either need to buy a whole new table or pay exorbitant furniture repair fees for damaged wooden tables. To avoid this, talk to your Houston glass company about a custom tabletop for your wooden table.

Benefits of Custom Glass Tabletops

One great advantage to a custom glass tabletop for your wooden table is that it easily protects the top from damage. This cost-effective solution from your Houston glass company can stand up to more abuse than wooden tabletops and are easy to replace. Here are some additional benefits of using a custom Houston residential glass tabletop.

Easy to Clean

Cleaning wood can be difficult, as you often need to use special products. Otherwise, you could remove the finish or damage your table. A glass cover for your wooden tabletop, however, is easy to clean with whatever glass cleaner or multipurpose cleaner you use around the house. This makes it great to use for dining tables, coffee tables, and other tables that get grimy quickly.

Show Off Your Wood Table

Another great benefit to using a custom tabletop from your Houston glass company is that it still shows off your table. While you can use a tablecloth, they are less durable than glass and hide your table under opaque fabrics. When you purchased your table, you likely did so because you liked the finish, grain, and overall look of the wood. Therefore, you shouldn’t hide it underneath a tablecloth. A glass tabletop is a great solution for you to protect your table as well as show it off as you likely intended when you bought it.

Customized Houston Residential Glass Tabletops

Finally, Houston residential glass can be customized to fit your exact needs and desires. You can choose different colors, patterns, thicknesses, and edging based on your aesthetic and what will look best for your table. Additionally, your Houston glass company can match the exact size and shape of your table to protect it from harm.

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