Fascinating Facts About Mirrors

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You likely see your Houston residential mirrors every day, but how much do you know about them? Learn some interesting facts about mirrors!

Are you considering updating your Houston residential mirrors? Many people use mirrors in almost every room of their house. Houston residential mirrors can make your space look bigger and lighter. They also provide many different décor options for your home. Residential mirrors come in many shapes and sizes to help you decorate. Mirrors are an integral part of our lives and our homes. So, here are some fun facts about mirrors to enjoy!

Mirrors Reflect Sound, too!

Most of us use our Houston residential mirrors to check our appearances in. However, did you know that mirrors also reflect sound? In fact, the British army used mirrors in World War II for their sound reflection abilities. Soldiers set up mirrors to detect sound waves from enemy aircraft. Therefore, Houston residential mirrors may improve the acoustics in your rooms. Maybe that’s why your singing sounds so much better in the shower.

Houston Residential Mirrors and Seven Years of Bad Luck

Many people have heard of the superstition that breaking a mirror will bring you seven years of bad luck. This belief dates back to Roman times. Ancient Romans believed that breaking a mirror would break your soul, which would certainly be unlucky. While we can’t help with bad luck, your Houston glass company can certainly repair or replace broken mirrors in your home to keep them looking beautiful.

The First Mirrors Were Made with Water

Mirrors have come a long way from their origins. Way back in history, people first made mirrors by filling dark colored containers with water to reflect their appearances. They were likely inspired after viewing themselves in pools of still water like lakes.

However, humans have been using glass for mirrors since about 6,000 B.C. Around this time, people started polishing volcanic glass to make it reflective. Over time, mirrors developed into what we see today – a sheet of glass with a thin layer of silver or aluminum backing.

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