Different Types of Houston Residential Glass for Shower Doors and Enclosures

Many people do not pay much attention to their shower doors and enclosures, but choosing glass that fits your needs and the decor of your bathroom can really contribute to the overall visual impact. Houston residential glass companies have many types and styles made from a wide variety of different glass. Here is a list of things you may wish to consider when you select glass for your shower doors.

1. Is privacy important to you?
2. What type of glass looks the best to you?
3. Is low maintenance an issue?
4. Are you more interested in functionality or aesthetics?

The most popular type of glass used for shower doors and enclosures is clear glass. It lets light pass through it, which is the main reason it is used so often in traditional showers. It is also easy to keep looking great. Although it resembles window glass, it is much thicker. It also does not draw attention away from the interior design of the bathroom. In fact, it complements the fixtures, tiles and mirrors.

For even greater clarity, check into low-iron glass. The thickness of clear glass can impart a mild green tint, which low-iron glass does not have. This type of glass can make your shower seem larger.

For extra privacy, frosted glass is an option. Filtered light can still get through, but the frosted glass provides a layer of modesty. It also comes in various colors and can contain a pattern or design. A Houston glass company will have a selection of frosted glass to choose from.

Rain glass is textured on one side like frosted glass. It has a pattern of crystal raindrops that lets light into the shower but maintains the privacy. It also resists fingerprints and water spots.

Hammered glass resembles hammered metal. It is decorative on the outside and creates a beautiful pattern of light inside the enclosure.

Tinted glass doors come in light or dark tones. The darker colors offer more privacy. Blue and green tints can nicely fit into a variety of color schemes. Any of the frosted, decorative or tinted glass doors will also give your Houston residential mirrors the attention they deserve.

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