Décor Ideas for Houston Residential Mirrors

Houston Residential MirrorsHouston residential mirrors aren’t just to check your appearance in. They offer interesting decorating solutions for your home. Mirrors can add style to any space, no matter what your taste is. Here are some mirror décor ideas from your local Houston glass company.

Mirror Gallery Wall

Tradition says you should only have one mirror per wall. However, adding a few mirrors to an existing gallery wall, or creating a new one can give your home a fashionable, eclectic look. Mix and match art and mirrors of varying sizes on your wall to add interest and flair to the room.

Oversized Mirrors

In addition to being a great statement piece, oversized Houston residential mirrors make your room look bigger. They can brighten up your room. If you have an area that is particularly dark or small, decorate with an oversized mirror. It will immediately make the space look more inviting. Also, large mirrors can act as substitute windows for basements and other areas that don’t have windows.

Uniquely Shaped Houston Residential Mirrors

Uniquely shaped mirrors can also be customized to your taste. Most of the mirrors you see are rectangular, oval, or round. Instead, add visual interest by hanging a differently shaped mirror. The possibilities are endless and can add an artistic or sophisticated look to your home. Your Houston residential glass company can customize your mirrors. That way, you know you’re the only one on the block with this decoration.

Incorporating Houston Residential Mirrors Into a Backsplash

Mirror backsplashes are unconventional and engaging. Kitchens don’t often have mirrors in them, so adding them behind your countertops and appliances can really make your space pop. Also, since they increase the amount of light in the room, installing mirrors can help with visibility during food preparation.


Finally, Houston residential mirrors can be used as an alternatives to traditional headboards. Use framed mirrors behind your bed for an extraordinary headboard. They can not only give you a refreshing look, but also help your bedroom look bigger and brighter.

As you can see, mirrors are versatile enough to fit anyone’s interior design and tastes. The team at Northwest Glass & Mirror can help you create the boldest look for your home. We can restore old mirrors or customize new mirrors to your exact specifications. Stop by our office or give us a call at (281) 463-7801 to talk with our professionals about your needs and how we can help you create a fabulous space. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.