Dealing with Broken Glass at Your Houston Home or Business

Houston Commercial GlassBroken windows and damage to exterior glass can damage the appearance of your residential or commercial real estate and can represent a real threat to the security of your property. Working with a company that specializes in the repair of Houston residential mirrors and windows can ensure that these issues are resolved quickly and that your home or business is protected against wind, weather, and unwanted intruders. Your Houston glass company can provide you with expert guidance on the right solutions for all your broken window glass issues. Here are some helpful tips for temporarily fixing damaged window glass.

Remove Broken Glass

Cleaning up any broken glass should be your first step after an accident occurs. This usually involves sweeping up fragments of glass from inside and outside the building and disposing of them safely. If you can do so safely, it is also a good idea to remove shards of glass that are still adhering to the window frame. This can prevent them from falling out later and creating further risks in the home or workplace environment. Most experts recommend using heavy gloves when retrieving glass fragments to prevent painful injuries to fingers and hands and providing a short-term repair for window glass breakage.

Mitigate the Damage

If your window glass is only cracked, you may be able to tape it up until your Houston residential glass experts arrive. Replacing broken window panes with cardboard can be a good temporary measure that can limit drafts, keep out insects and provide added support for your window frame until a more permanent repair is completed.

Notify the Authorities

If your window glass has been damaged during a break-in at your home or business, making a police report is an important step in dealing with these issues properly. For serious damage caused by intruders or weather events, you may also want to contact your insurance company and document the damage in photographs to support your claim.

Schedule Repairs or Replacement

Certain types of Houston commercial glass can be repaired rather than replaced. This is especially true for heavy-duty installations that consist of multiple layers of glass and adhesive. Contacting your local glass company is the best way to determine if your windows and doors can be repaired or if a full replacement is needed to ensure your safety and the security of your home or business premises.

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