Benefits of Glass Inserts for Your Front Door

Most front doors are very plain, but yours does not have to be. A Houston glass company can add a decorative glass window insert that will improve your curb appeal while it brightens the inside of your home. There are numerous benefits to glass inserts in terms of style and performance. Your door can do more than swing open and closed. It can be a beautiful, elegant portal to the world and your home.

The type of glass can make the glass insert completely transparent or opaque. Textured glass inserts can give you plenty of privacy at the same time that sunlight streams into your home. You can choose whatever level of privacy suits you from a wide range of Houston residential glass options. The type of glass you pick can create beautiful sunny patterns and designs in your foyer. Stained glass inserts add color to the inside and outside of your entryway. Plus, with glass door inserts, the sun will warm part of your home naturally, which helps lower utility costs during cooler times of the year. By selecting the right glass pattern, your home will no longer just blend into the rest of the homes on your block. It will stand out from the crowd.

Door glass inserts come in many decorative shapes, including rectangles, ovals, round tops, and arches. Half-inserts can be matched to create a pleasant symmetry. You can choose a style that matches your home’s architecture.

Front door sidelights can be customized with a grill or by using leaded glass for a textured appearance. A fixed transom installed above the sidelights offers even more sunlight. Some transoms can swing open to improve air circulation.

High-quality glass inserts also offer security. Triple-pane glass can withstand more stress because it is thicker than regular glass. It resists tampering better as well. Glass inserts infused with iron create a terrific barrier against burglars.

Anything that makes your home more attractive and safer is a good investment. A door with a glass insert and sidelights instantly improves your home’s curb appeal and increases its value considerably. Instead of just having a plain old door, you suddenly have a regal entryway.

Your front door does not have to be dull. Northwest Glass and Mirror can put a glass door insert in a wood or metal door quickly and with little inconvenience to you. We remove the door, cut the hole for the insert, and install the glass at your home. If you have enough space, we can add sidelights on either side of your front door for a more elegant exterior. We also install custom-cut Houston residential mirrors to give the interior of your home a more open look. Contact us at 281-463-7801 to discuss the possibilities.