A Guide to Antique Houston Residential Mirrors

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Antique Houston residential mirrors are a great addition to your decor.

Antique Houston residential mirrors are a beautiful addition to your home. Vintage mirrors can also be quite rare and valuable. Therefore, it’s important to know what to look for when you’re purchasing, appraising, caring for, and repairing antique Houston residential mirrors. Below is a short guide to vintage mirrors in Houston.

What to Look for When Purchasing Antique Mirrors

Because they offer gorgeous décor elements, you may decide to shop around for an antique mirror that fits your home. Before you pick a mirror out, there are a few things you should look for so you don’t purchase a forgery:

  • Empty screw holes in the backing can indicate that the mirror is old, as antique mirrors are often used several different ways during their lifetime.
  • Soft and irregular beveling can demonstrate age, as beveling was historically done by hand.
  • Wood backing, rather than paper, was commonly used in vintage mirrors.

Additionally, vintage mirrors tend to become foggy (or “foxed”) and discolored as they age. If the mirror glass is also old, it will likely look slightly foggy, have small de-silvered areas, and appear yellow or gray in color. However, if it is difficult to see yourself in antique Houston residential mirrors, that can decrease the value. Therefore, you will likely need to repair or replace glass in very poor condition.

Determining the Value of Your Antique Houston Residential Mirrors

You may also wonder about the value of the vintage mirrors you already possess. This can be a little difficult to determine, which is why most people visit an experienced appraiser for their antique mirrors. However, there are a few factors that influence how much your vintage Houston residential mirrors are worth:

  • The age of the mirror glass
  • Was the mirror mass-produced
  • How many of the same mirror remain
  • The level of foxing

In general, if your mirror was custom-made, produced in the 1800s or earlier, and is still in good condition, it is likely more valuable than other vintage mirrors.

Antique Mirror Care

Another thing to consider regarding your antique mirrors is how to properly care for them. There are a few different cleaning solutions that collectors and your local Houston glass company recommend. The first is using denatured alcohol. Next, many recommend water diluted with a few drops of ammonia. Finally, some will clean with a small amount of paraffin.

You should always use a soft, lint-free cloth to clean your antique mirrors to prevent scratches and other damage. Also, you should always avoid getting moisture behind the glass, as it can damage the silvering in your vintage Houston residential mirrors.

Repair for Antique Mirrors in Houston

While the original glass is better, badly damaged mirror glass can decrease the value of your antique mirrors. Therefore, if you have an antique mirror that no longer reflects your appearance due to major damage, de-silvering, or intense foxing, mirror glass repair or replacement in Houston can help add value and allow you to use your beautiful mirror. For mirror restoration, make sure to work with a quality Houston glass company that knows how to handle and properly repair vintage mirrors.

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